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A few days ago, I posted about my homemade spray and wipe cleaner, which is simply just a squirt of regular dish-washing liquid in water. But I want to go a step further and talk about where to buy dish-washing liquid, because the “green” dish-washing liquids are inevitably pricey.

First though, why buy a greener dish-washing liquid? Well, for me, I am borderline asthmatic, and the chemicals in the regular liquid make me short of breath and wheezy (especially Dawn). The other important reason, at least to me, is that many of the ingredients are controversial, and their safety/carcinogenicity profile are questionable. I figure, better safe than sorry.

I shopped around for quite a while. Locally, the least expensive cleaner is available at Trader Joe’s, at .11 cents per ounce. The prices go up considerably (like by twice or more) at stores such as New Seasons or Whole Foods.

So I decided to shop around online. I priced everything out by ounce, and found that the Dishmate brand to be least expensive if you buy in bulk. The bulk price is .10/ounce, including shipping. In order to get that price though, you have to buy four gallons, requiring considerably more investment. However, if you compare the price in equal volumes, you will save at least $5.00, perhaps considerably more if you tend to buy at more expensive grocery stores.

I made one of those handy mason jar soap dispensers that you see all over the internet (pound a nail through an old lid or drill an appropriately sized hole and attach an old pump with a hot glue gun).

0022 199×300 Save money on green dishwashing liquid by buying in bulk and using it as a general purpose liquid cleanerThe best part? The stuff smells wonderful (I chose pear, but I didn’t realize that lavender is actually $3 cheaper). I’ve been using it as handsoap, and, since the ingredients are better than most commercial baby soaps, I’ve been using it as a baby wash and a bubble bath for my older kiddo. I also have been using it as a shampoo for my hair. So far, it seems to work great as an all-purpose liquid cleaner, which is great news for your wallet, because these other products are vastly more expensive than simple dish-soap.

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